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Van Der Velde Couture Branding

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Van Der Velde Couture Branding Revamp

In the heart of Chicago, Van Der Velde has been crafting exquisite couture gowns that meld timeless design and modern innovation. When it came to refreshing their brand, we opted for a contemporary approach while keeping the essence of their established design language intact.

We kicked things off by updating the typography, bringing in a modern flair to signify the brand’s evolution while ensuring it stayed rooted in its rich history of fashion design. We aimed for a blend: classic yet contemporary, appealing to diverse markets and various clienteles.

The visual identity we crafted for Van Der Velde was straightforward and deliberate. We leaned into curvatures in the brand design, subtly nodding to the soft, elegant lines found in feminine form, and reflecting the brand's expertise in crafting gowns that celebrate it. It was crucial to integrate these gentle curves with sharp, distinct lines to convey the brand's commitment to both soft elegance and structured, impeccable tailoring.

Our approach towards incorporating the “V” in the design wasn’t just about the letter - it was about utilizing a recognizable aspect of the brand and making it stand out, aligning it with a signature style that can be instantaneously linked to Van Der Velde.

Through this rebranding, we aimed for more than just a visual facelift. We strove to weave Van Der Velde’s renowned craftsmanship and contemporary design approach into a coherent visual narrative, ensuring every element, from typography to imagery, was a clear, concise reflection of what they stand for in today’s dynamic fashion landscape.

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