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Art Directors Club Creative Design

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Designing Legacy and Excellence: A Celebratory Journey with The Art Directors Club

Entrusted with the privilege of designing for The Art Directors Club (ADC), a revered amalgamation of global creative minds, our journey aimed at embodying a century-long legacy of creativity, excellence, and innovation. Celebrating 90 illustrious years of the ADC Annual Awards, the world's longest-running awards program, we aimed to design a "Call for Entries" that didn't just invite but enchanted, intrigued, and celebrated the phenomenal work recognized over the decades.

In the 90th "Call for Entries" design, the goal was to curate and showcase a visual journey through time, reflecting the exemplary, award-winning work from various eras. Every piece was a witness to its own time, a bearer of stories, craft, and innovative strides that shaped and evolved the creative industry. My design process was meticulously woven around respecting, elevating, and beautifully presenting these visual stories in a manner that spoke not just to the eyes, but to the rich history and passion embedded in each piece.

The 89th annual book design previously undertaken was a valuable treasure trove of insights and learnings that sculpted the approach for the 90th. Ensuring consistency in commemorating the high standards of ADC while infusing fresh, celebratory vibes for the 90th year, the design journey was an intricate dance between honoring tradition and embracing evolution.

Crafting for ADC was beyond mere design execution. It was about encapsulating the spirit, the highs, the evolutions, and the relentless pursuit of creative excellence that has defined ADC for decades. The vibrant visuals, layouts, and interactive elements were curated not just to showcase but to invite and inspire the next wave of creative thought leaders, underlining the everlasting ethos of ADC – where advertising art is perpetually celebrated and revered akin to fine art, echoing the visions of founder Louis Pedlar since 1920.


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