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Matthew Christopher Couture Branding

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Sculpting a Signature in Fashion – The Matthew Christopher Couture Brand ReDesign

In the high-stakes arena of bridal fashion, Matthew Christopher has charismatically made his mark with a style that is intrinsically architectural and sublimely layered. The couture arena resonates with his distinct language - a symphony of precise seaming, timeless silhouettes, and an unbridled glamor that adorns the most cherished occasions of one’s life.

When we embarked on the journey to redesign the Matthew Christopher Couture brand, it was pivotal for us to weave his intrinsic design language, which has been a testament to his name, into every thread of the new brandmark. Carefully, we sculpted a custom identity that did not just reflect but embodied the high-end quality, timeless nature, and sheer glamour encapsulated in every seam and silhouette he creates. Our philosophy was simple: let the brandmark be a mirror, reflecting Matthew’s artistry and craftsmanship in a manner that is palpably authentic and elegantly articulated.

We meticulously incorporated Matthew's signature lines, architecturally drawn from the seaming he is celebrated for, infusing every curve and stroke of the “identity" with his aesthetic spirit. The resultant brandmark became not just a symbol but a whisper of his craft, gently echoing his architectural and layered style in a way that speaks to both the tradition and the modern evolution of bridal couture.

Following this, our journey cascaded into developing and launching a campaign that would unfurl Matthew's 2016 collection into the world, establishing not merely his presence but his indelible imprint from art direction to implementation. It wasn't just about visibility; it was about creating moments suspended in the allure of every dress, every seam, and every silhouette that bore his name.

Our ads found their stage in prestigious platforms like New York Magazine, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, and more, not merely as advertisements but as expressions of Matthew’s art, cascading through pages and illuminating his architectural prowess, layering, and the rich stories woven into every creation.

This was not merely a brand redesign. It was a homage - an homage to an artist’s journey, narrated through visual language, ensuring that every glance, every lingering look was a step into the world as seen through the architectural and infinitely layered lens of Matthew Christopher Couture.


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