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As a seasoned travel and event photographer based in NYC for the last two decades, I've had the privilege of exploring over 35 countries. During my journey, I've been fortunate to capture remarkable moments with renowned personalities such as Anne Hathaway, Tom Hanks, and Lin Manuel Miranda, both at exclusive Broadway events and for The Public Theatre in New York City. @lucasstoffel

Temple Monk by Lucas / Luke Stoffel

Career Highlights

Stoffel’s accomplished photography has been featured in many editorial outlets including the New York Times, Huffington Post, Vanity Fair, and Hawaiian Airlines Magazines.​ He has an active following on Instagram and valued partnerships.

He is a contributing photographer for both Getty Images and Shutterstock. Please check out his portfolio and licensing details below.

Event Photography

Travel Photography

Stoffel's extensive travels to more than 35 countries, including Cambodia, India, Japan, Nepal, and Taiwan, have profoundly influenced his photography. His work serves as a meticulously planned visual exploration and a commentary on various aspects of Asian culture, particularly religious and ceremonial iconography. Stoffel's portfolio showcases moments such as the UNESCO Heritage Citadel Dances in Hue, Vietnam, Buddhist customs in Laos and Myanmar, the Royal Temple Dancers of Bali, and Sri Lankan folklore parable performances.

Buddhist Monk
Night Butterfly
Temple Tops
Tree Buddha
Egyptian Horses
Holi Festival
The White Temple
Buddhist Monk
Temple Valley
Holi Festival
Citadel Dancers
Citadel Dancers
The Sphinx
Forest Temple Buddha
Sailboats on the Nile
Rameses II Temple
Buddhist Temple Incense
Buddhist Monk
Temple Lotus
Buddhist Novice Ceremony
Golden Temple
Holi Festival
Bayon Temple
Temple of Dawn
Paraglider in Oahu
Temple Storm
Ayutthaya Temples
Taoist Dragon
City of Lights
Temple Valley
Temple Valley
Shwedagon Pagoda
City of Lights
The White Pagoda
Taoist Dragons at Longshan Temple
Gion District Geisha
Young Buddhist
Kashmir Gate
Gion Geisha

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.


Editorial Licensing available on Shutterstock:

For the most up-to-date travel photography please follow me on Instagram @lucasstoffel

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