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This Light Shines Creative Direction

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Embarking on a Journey of Light and Connection

When we initiated the "This Light Shines" project, our compass was set towards merging culture, technology, and interactive design in a digital space, transcending physical boundaries. Utilizing the latest in Google Chrome technology, our team succeeded in crafting a dynamic, living landscape, an interactive experience steeped in the rich tradition and significance of the Lunar New Year, celebrated across numerous cultures through the emblematic lantern festival.

In this space, each lantern illuminates with purpose, ascending skyward, becoming vessels for wishes, memories, and warm messages, which visitors were invited to share, personalizing the experience. By integrating geo-location technology, users found themselves immersed within this enchanting landscape, grounding their digital experience in their physical locale. Thus, the night sky, although virtual, reflected a global tapestry of collective wishes, extending from city to city, heart to heart.

It was an honor to see our digital tapestry of lights and messages acknowledged with an Honorable Mention from, recognizing not just the technical and creative prowess of our team, but also the universal human connections that we were able to kindle through our design. Through 'This Light Shines', we found a way to dim the vastness of the digital and physical space between us all, weaving a thread of unity, understanding, and shared human experience.


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