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Sparkle Glitter Poop Pills Is A Thing, LOL.

New York, NY

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Glitter Poop Pills Photos and Illustrations by Lucas / Luke Stoffel

You can now get my most popular Etsy item: Glitter Poop Pills!

You know you love Unicorn hair… but it takes so much time. Well now you can have Unicorn Poo in no time flat with these amazing Glitter Poop pills on Etsy. Please note they come with a sh*t ton of warnings, so do what you will at your own risk. LOL.

Basically if you want to live the ultimate #UnicornLife of your very own, then the Magic Unicorn Pack is your next must have accessory! Hell they make a great gift for any girlfriend who truly is a unicorn inside and out.

Glitter Poop Pills Photos and Illustrations by Lucas / Luke Stoffel

The Etsy store also has a ton of other amazing packs, like the “Mystic Mermaid Pack,” the “Golden Poo Pack” and a very special selection of glitter pills to conjure up some disturbingly awesome “Dark Magic!” And while we do not encourage anyone to ingest these, each precarious pill package does comes with an amazing incantation to get your inner magic flowing.

Be sure you read the F.A.Q. on Etsy!

Q. Will these make my poop glittery? A. We have no idea, they are for decorative purposes only.

Q. Am I supposed to eat Glitterpills? A. No, absolutely not, the risk is entirely on you, the customer.

… more on Etsy!

All the warnings aside OMG we have to try! While we all realize that this fascination with a glitter poo is probably taking us a step backward on the evolutionary ladder, the fact remains: IT’S KINDA AWESOME!

Interested in more fun ideas? Check out my Unicorn Cookbook!


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