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NFT: Rancid Royalty

A New NFT by Lucas Stoffel

New York, NY

Rancid Royalty Illustrations by Lucas / Luke Stoffel

Ten Thousand Rancid Royalty Have Been Minted!

The Rancid Royalty have the Krypto Kingdom under siege, and our friends at Candy Mountain are fighting sweet tooth and nail to escape their oppressive rule! In the latest attack, they've started melting Candy Mountain with a flurry of artificially sweetened clouds! Now the Candy Mountain crew has little time to retaliate, cause at this rate the perma-frosting won't last long...

Rancid Royalty Illustrations by Lucas / Luke Stoffel

Artwork by: Lucas Stoffel

Building a backstory-based NFT!

Ever wonder what your NFT's life was like before they arrived in your wallet? We are focused on expanding our NFTs as a collaborative story-based project that will evolve your NFT's backstories, side-quests and more over time! Backed by a talented group writers who work in fantasy, romance, and the comic book world!!! You can pre-order our authors newest releases: Laura von Holt's new Audible Audible Original and Alys Arden's DC Comic: Zatanna, Jewel of the Graveyard coming this summer!

Rancid Royalty Illustrations by Lucas / Luke Stoffel

The Storyverse is the Future!

NFT's have risen to new horizons in 2021. We want to take the next step and build a rich and fully thought out world in 2022 as we enter the Metaverse. Storytelling is at the heart of what we do, and so it is also at the heart of our NFT.


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