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NFT: The Mandala Project by Lucas Stoffel

The Mandala Project is now on OpenSea!

New York, NY

Stoffel's work is derived from his spiritual and cultural experiences in South East Asia. He uses his painting to create computer generated art that renders a kaleidoscopic mandala visualization.

Mandalas represent devotional images in many buddhist cultures, and are often deemed a diagram or symbol of an ideal universe.

Computer Generated:


We will launch a series of unique mandalas, with a roadmap of 4 individual art works being explored in our first iteration of the project. Each of Stoffel's unique artworks are processed with java script and after effects to generate each frame, when these frames are stitched together they create a moving looping gif.

Minted as 1/1 Individual Frames

Each frame is minted 1/1 there will be a limited number of individual frames per series. Additional series will be released as grouped artworks with multiple series planned.

Rarity Scale:


Rare NFT’s will be generated with every new series. These NFT’s are renders that feature a unique detail of Stoffel’s original work. Tag us @lucasstoffel on twitter or insta if you have a rare one!


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