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MediaPost: 5 Startups Showcased At Collision To Watch - Cinderly

Originally published on on May 4, 2016.

Written by Fred Schonenberg , Op-Ed Contributor

Olivia Stoffel photo by Luke Stoffel

Sandwiched between the two weekends of New Orleans’ iconic Jazz & Heritage Festival is Collision, America’s fastest-growing tech conference. In two short years, the “anti-CES” has grown to expects more than 11,000 attendees from 50 countries.

It is the U.S. version of the popular Web Summit in Europe, and focuses on networking and social meet-ups, as much as its star-studded speaker line-up, ranging from Chris Sacca to Brett Favre. It’s a melting pot of entrepreneurs, innovators, CEOs, investors and disruptors.

It becoming a must-attend event, similar to SXSW.

Of the 650+ startups featured at Collision, here are five that should be on marketers’ radars.

Your fashion-forward fairy godmother, Cinderly, helps you out in that awkward dressing-room moment when you ask, “Does this look good on me?” Go into “Glass Slipper Mode” on its camera feature, and Cinderly will ask local users whether the consumer should buy the item or not.

All posts from “Glass Slipper Mode” are pushed to the top of feeds and voted on by others, so by the time you step out of the dressing room, you have guidance on whether to make the purchase. It has several social sharing incentives encouraging amplification and gamification.

Brands, of course, could get involved by making suggestions or cashing in on the location-based focus of the app to drive traffic to local stores.


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