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USTA's Net Generation Branding

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Inspiring a New Wave with USTA’s Net Generation: Shaping the Future of Youth Tennis

Embarking on a journey with the USTA’s Net Generation, our objective was to cultivate an emblem that would not merely represent, but vivaciously celebrate, a new vision for youth tennis. It was an exploration, not just in design, but in embodying the spirited enthusiasm, inclusive belief, and inspiring mission that the Net Generation brings to the court.

Understanding that every swing, every play, every joyous cheer is great in its own right, the challenge was to encapsulate this vibrant ethos into a tangible, visual form.

In creating an icon for Net Generation, we chose soft, rounded edges and bold, thick lines to infuse the illustrations with both a weight and a hand-drawn, approachable quality. It was vital that the visuals radiated not only aesthetic appeal but also resonated with the heartfelt, inclusive spirit of the organization. Introducing playful dotted textures and solid backgrounds, we aimed to add a tangible substance to the imagery, portraying the reliability and robust support that the organization offers to every young player and provider.

The icon stands as more than just a visual symbol; it’s a beacon, inviting, encouraging, and motivating every young player, regardless of their level or ability, to embrace the fun, friendship, and invigorating play that tennis inspires. Through our design, we sought to echo Net Generation's mission of celebrating and uplifting every player's unique journey, ensuring that the ethos of inclusive play and heartfelt enjoyment reverberates in every curve, dot, and hue of the visual representation.

This project was a harmonious blend of design, vision, and mission, crafting a visual narrative that, we hope, inspires many more generations to jump, play, and find joy in the empowering world of tennis.


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