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The Complete Works of Lucas Stoffel

Lucas Stoffel is an award-winning painter recognized by GLAAD as one of the top LGBTQ+ artists in NYC. He was featured by amFar at a benefit event for AIDS research. Stoffel’s artistic contributions earned him the Starving Artist Award, and he was showcased at AM New York’s Premiere Art Rocks event. His success extended to being featured on the cover of Next Magazine, expanding his reach and attracting a new following. Notably, Stoffel caught the attention of Ralph Lauren's daughter, who commissioned him to create a confection-inspired collection for her UES side candy shop, Dylan's Candy Bar.

South East Asia:


Stoffel's captivating artwork has graced the halls of esteemed venues across New York City, including the Puck Building, The Art Directors ClubThe Prince George Gallery, GalleryBar, and New World Stages, among others, further cementing his position as a revered artist in the city's vibrant art scene.

Kyoto Butterfly Garden:

The allure of Kyoto's Gion district became a unique and mysterious fascination for me as a photographer. Gion holds fame as one of the country's oldest and most renowned geisha districts. Every evening at dusk, I would position myself on a side street, hoping to capture the mesmerizing sight of these elegant women gracefully darting about like butterflies, moving from one place to another. Patiently waiting in the shadows, I aimed to capture the beauty of their kimonos and striking faces through my camera lens.

The presence of geishas in Gion traces back to ancient times when the district flourished as an entertainment hub and a center for cultural activities. Geishas played an integral role in entertaining guests at high-class teahouses, parties, and banquets, showcasing their talents through dances, musical performances, and refined conversations, enriching the events with their artistry and grace.

Honolulu Festival:

Mount Meru: Kashmir India

To Hindus, Mount Meru is believed to be located at the center of the cosmos and serves as the abode of gods and celestial beings. They often describe it as a vast cosmic mountain. The mountain is said to be so tall that it reaches the heavens and so deep that it extends deep into the netherworld. According to some legends, Mount Meru was created by the gods to serve as a pivot point, around which the sun, moon, planets, and stars revolve. It is also depicted as the dwelling place of various deities, including Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, and other divine beings.

Made in Taiwan:

Taiwan is deeply spiritual and profoundly superstitious. Here, belief systems intertwine with folklore, ghosts, and ancestry. This becomes apparent when walking through the streets, where the scent of burning paper wafts through the air as locals offer paper money at temples to honor their ancestors. My project delves into Taiwan's rich heritage, including its religious symbols like Taoist temples adorned with intricate dragons, colossal Tao statues, and omnipresent Buddhas.

Made in Taiwan also explores the fading art of opera performed in hidden alleyways, the remnants of a once-mighty military state, and the aspirations for a brighter future for the younger generation, symbolized by English cram school signs. All of this unfolds against the backdrop of an ever-present street sign, a symbol of tradition in the midst of the country's transition towards a more Western way of life.

Currently working on more to come...


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