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Stoffel Debuts New Collection of Artworks at New World Stages in New York.

New York, NY

Artworks by Lucas Stoffel

These are the People in my Neighborhood at New World Stages by Lucas Stoffel

Lucas Stoffel, the artist renowned for his city-inspired works, is set to dazzle New York City at New World Stages with his latest exhibition, "Elegance Unveiled." This captivating showcase transports viewers to the romantic streets of Paris, the bustling energy of New York, and the vibrant culture of Barcelona through Stoffel's expressive paintings.

Cityscapes at New World Stages by Lucas Stoffel

Paris: Stoffel captures Paris's timeless elegance and romanticism, inviting viewers to stroll along the Seine, bask in the Eiffel Tower's glow, and immerse themselves in the city of love.

New York: Stoffel's paintings celebrate the dynamic energy and iconic skyline of the city that never sleeps, offering a fresh perspective on the Big Apple's constant motion.

Barcelona: Stoffel's vibrant works capture the rich history and artistic spirit of Barcelona, from Gaudí's playful architecture to the lively vibe of La Rambla.

808 Boys at New World Stages by Lucas Stoffel

Mark your calendars for the opening of "Elegance Unveiled" at New World Stages. Lucas Stoffel's art is a testament to his ability to encapsulate the essence of these iconic cities and transport viewers to their heart and soul. Don't miss this captivating journey of elegance and inspiration.


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