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La New Yorkina Brand Update

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Sweetening La New Yorkina Through Brand Evolution

Embarking on the journey to reinvigorate La New Yorkina’s brand, a world where sweetness meanders through every ice cream scoop and palette, posed a delightful challenge. It was a dive into a brand that proudly carries its multifaceted offerings from sweet candies to luxurious ice creams, each a distinct whisper of temptation in the customer’s ear, yet all unified by a common, subtle undertone of tradition and familiarity.

In the heart of this brand, stands the illustrated girl, a gentle face that promises sweet serenity, and whose simplicity had to be distilled to resonate with everything under the brand umbrella. Meticulously simplifying and enhancing, the young icon was finessed with nuanced curves in her neck and hair, allowing her to seamlessly meld within the circular frame that encases her. She became not just a logo but a storyteller, silently narrating the tales of diverse treats that lay beneath her gentle smile.

Navigating through the realm of hand-drawn items, consistency in technique and color palette was paramount to weave a visible thread through every product. The shift from a stark black to a softer, more welcoming chocolate outline was not merely a change. It was a strategic move to create a silent, invisible link, wrapping the girl, logo, and the lush fruits into a single, cohesive visual experience.

The packaging, too, sung tales from the rich, cultural tapestry of Mexican tradition, with a meticulous play of negative space that echoed the timeless aesthetic of Mexican tiles. While the design nodded respectfully to tradition, the modernity was interlaced through a new typeface for the wordmark. Standing bold and clear, it ensured that amidst the vibrant, detailed designs, the brand name stood unmissed and unforgettable.

La New Yorkina, with its refreshed brand identity, now not only unifies its varied, delectable offerings but also marries the age-old traditions with the crisp, engaging demands of contemporary branding. It has become a symphony where each note, from the redefined icon to the thoughtfully redesigned packaging, plays in harmonious unison, inviting customers into a world where the past and present deliciously coalesce.


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