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Animating Wellness with Count-it: Breathing Life into a Healthful Community

In the realm of office culture, where the daily grind often obscures the path towards wellness, Count-it emerged as a beacon of healthful living, blending fitness and interoffice camaraderie into a singular, innovative platform. My journey with Count-it's branding and product design was not only about crafting visuals but also weaving the intrinsic values of wellness, friendly competition, and community spirit into every design element.

The creation of Count-it’s logo wasn’t simply an exercise in aesthetics; it was a nuanced endeavor to capture and reflect the lively, supportive, and energizing culture of Count-it within a visual icon. Every curve, color, and shadow was meticulously designed to symbolize the pulsating energy and collective ethos of our community, ensuring that it did not just represent us but truly encapsulated our spirit.

Our mascot, which quickly burgeoned into a tangible manifestation of our core values, was born from the very essence of Count-it’s culture. The Count-it bot, initially conceptualized as a sassy backend notification system, not only automated messages but added a dash of verve, charisma, and cheeky enthusiasm to our daily interactions. It didn’t merely notify; it communicated, animated, and engaged, swiftly evolving into the adorable heart and soul of our company, delighting and uniting team members with its cheeky charisma.

By integrating a system that incentivized wellness through tangible rewards such as free lunches, discounts, and charitable donations, we didn’t just promote a healthy lifestyle but ensured it was recognized, celebrated, and nurtured through every step, jog, and sprint towards health goals.

Working on Count-it was more than a project. It was a delightful journey into crafting a brand that didn’t just speak to users but danced with them, cheering, motivating, and celebrating every step towards a more healthful, united, and vibrant working community.


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