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Whole Foods Full Spoon App Design

See full portfolio as a PDF or on my recruiting website.

Digitizing Wellness with Full Spoon: A Holistic Approach to Employee Health

In developing the app for Full Spoon by Whole Foods Market®, the aim was to weave a rich tapestry that blended employee wellness and digital interaction seamlessly. Full Spoon emerged as a holistic, employee-centric initiative, nurturing sustainable, healthful habits through a plethora of both tactile and digital tools. From engaging wellness events to culinary classes, it provided a comprehensive wellness journey for employees.

My design process for the Count It platform prioritized crafting an experience that wasn’t just a wellness tracker but a genuine digital companion. The app, while synchronizing with wearables and tracking apps, also infused fun and community spirit through healthy eating contests and interactive, gamified “level up” features. Beyond tracking, it became a source of motivation, insightful feedback, and joyous celebration for every small victory on each user’s wellness path.

Navigating through the creation of Full Spoon’s digital world, I meticulously ensured the design amplified its core ethos: inclusivity, positivity, and tangible support, fostering a digital space where technology and wellness converged into an uplifting, healthful living journey.


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