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KCRG-TV: Cinderly inspires girls fashion by allowing them to post selfies!

Originally published on KCRG TV - June 20, 2016.

By Allison Kaleta, KCRG-TV9

A Dubuque native is launching a new fashion app Cinderly.

Luke Stoffel developed Cinderly, which is an iPhone app that inspires girls fashion by allowing them to post selfies.

They then can be sorted in different categories, like size or fashion trends. The idea behind it is that other girls using the app will be able to look up different outfit inspirations by searching their own height and weight.

Stoffel talks about his inspiration behind designing the app, "We all wake up in the morning and look into our closets and we have no idea what to wear but wouldn't it be great it we go on our phone, start to see what other girls in our local area are wearing and start to shop and dress like them.”

The app is similar to Instagram, but with a twist. Users can still double tap a picture to tell a poster that they enjoy the outfit. The twist is that users can also super like it by tapping the pictures more times, advancing the likes on the page up to 50 likes.

“Famous people get thousands of likes every day, why can’t people in your community get them for dressing fashionable, too,” Stoffel said.

The app also does not allow bullying. It is a “troll free zone”. If anyone comments in a mean manner, they will be reported and then their account will be deleted. People can download the app July 6.


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