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Aetna: What's Your Healthy Campaign

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Empowering Health Journeys with Aetna: 'What's Your Healthy?

Embarking on the Aetna - "What's Your Healthy?" project, we dove deep into the multifaceted, personalized experiences that people associate with the concept of 'health.' We understood that health and wellness aren’t one-size-fits-all; rather, they’re a collection of unique journeys and stories, each brimming with individual triumphs, struggles, and aspirations. From the simple joys of a family bike ride to the ambitious pursuit of a 5k run - every version of ‘healthy’ tells a story, and Aetna aimed to listen, celebrate, and empower each one.

The integrated marketing and advertising campaign, which sprawled across a national canvas, was designed to initiate an open dialogue about personal definitions of healthy living. Through the interactive platform,, we invited consumers to step into a space where their stories were heard, valued, and celebrated. They shared their unique narratives of what 'healthy' meant to them, thereby creating a rich tapestry that illustrated the varied and vibrant definitions of wellness.

In parallel, the launch of the CarePass® consumer website and mobile solution marked Aetna’s commitment to facilitating each individual’s health journey. This wasn’t merely a digital platform but a personal health companion, offering resources, support, and guidance tailored to individual needs and goals.

Working on the "What's Your Healthy?" campaign was a journey in understanding and celebrating the myriad ways in which people experience and pursue health. It was about acknowledging every stride, pedal, and breath in the pursuit of wellness, and crafting a platform where every personal health journey was seen, supported, and cheered on by a community that understood its profound value.


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