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Cinderly Super Emoji Stickers

New York, NY

Download now in the App Store!

Cinderly Super Emojis by Lucas / Luke Stoffel

Don’t just like something, SUPERLIKE it with Cinderly Emoji Stickers!

Cinderly Emoji Stickers, now in the App Store, are the most glittery stickers out there! Use our exploding animated sparkle stickers when you need to tell your friends, it’s serious. Meet Cinderly’s Unicorn, Mermaid, Alien and more!

Cinderly Super Emojis by Lucas / Luke Stoffel

With over 20 animations to choose from, it’s the truest way to communicate your deepest 21st century feelings! Prepare yourself for the power of awesomeness and grab Cinderly’s Superlikes for iMessage!

Use Cinderly Superlikes in iMessage to send your friends: – Make a Splash Mermaids – Out of this World Aliens – OMG Sparkle Hearts – All That and a Bag of Chips! – Rainbow Unicorn Madness – Sparkling Sprinkle Donuts – Rays of Sassy Sunshine – and many, many, many more!

Cinderly Super Emojis by Lucas / Luke Stoffel

Check out our iOS Cinderly Emoji Stickers tutorial here:

“This sticker pack is practically the most fun you can have on the inter-webs.” – Laura


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