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Tarot Goes Pop: Kickstarting a Vibrant New World of Pop Art Tarot Cards

New York, NY

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Pop Tarot Cards by Lucas / Luke Stoffel

Creating A New Deck Inspired by the Origins of Tarot.

Exploring spirituality and symbolism has been at the core of my artistic journey. This summer, while brainstorming for a gallery exhibition where I aimed to integrate a friend’s mesmerizing tarot deck into my showcase on religion, an unexpected spark ignited a world of inspiration.

In our discussions, blending mysticism with art, a tantalizing question emerged: 'What if I painted a NEW tarot deck?' That simple query led me down an exhilarating path, envisioning the fusion of my painting style with a pop art twist within the realm of tarot—a venture merging tradition with a lively, contemporary aesthetic.

Yet, being rooted in the realm of pop art, I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Instead, I sought to reimagine the timeless symbols embedded in our cultural consciousness through a modern lens.

Leveraging my expertise as a graphic designer, I delved deep into the most iconic tarot deck—the Rider-Waite deck, tracing its origins back to 1909. Choosing this well-known deck was a no-brainer; it was in the public domain, granting me the artistic freedom to explore and reinterpret its iconic imagery. My aim? To distill its intricate symbols into visually captivating, simplified designs that resonate with contemporary audiences.

How Would Coleman-Smith Do Tarot Today?

Throughout this creative journey, I found myself consistently wondering: What would Coleman do today? Would she interpret her deck differently, with different cultures and people represented? My pop art background provided a fascinating framework for this exploration, and this project gave me an opportunity to envision tarot through a contemporary lens—much like I believe she might have. As a painter, exploring spirituality and symbolism has been at the core of my artistic journey. I sought to reimagine the timeless symbols embedded in Coleman's original work, spiraling her consciousness through a modern lens.

What truly fueled my artistic endeavor was infusing personal elements into the creation. I delved into the cycles of the sun and moon, their dance in the cosmic symphony. This interplay became a defining motif within the deck—symbolizing not just the phases of the day but also exploring the ethereal space between realms, a concept embodied in cards like Death and the World.

As I wrapped up this project in 2024, I felt a strong desire to bring these 22 major arcana cards beyond the confines of the gallery space. My vision? Transforming these paintings into a tangible experience for people—a series of physical tarot cards, posters, and books. Plus, considering many already possess the Rider-Waite deck, I aimed to print the major arcana in a way that easily integrates my 22 cards into any existing deck.

Join me on this captivating journey of reimagining the tarot—bridging the gap between past traditions and future possibilities.

I’m excited to invite you to explore the vivid tapestry of symbolism and artistry woven within this contemporary tarot interpretation. Let's create something truly special together!

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