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Lucas Stoffel: Artist Statement

New York, NY

Artworks by Lucas Stoffel Fine art prints available on Etsy.

Taoist Temple Dragon by Artist Lucas / Luke Stoffel

Taoist Temple Dragon by Lucas Stoffel

In my own words:

I find my deepest inspiration in the profound beauty that emerges from human devotion to the unknown. The rituals, songs, and dances we've crafted around intangible entities like gods have always fascinated me. Through my art, I aim to explore and convey these cultural interpretations of spirituality.

My work is a fusion of hand painted contemporary aesthetics with the iconic screen-printed style of Pop Art pioneers like Lichtenstein and Warhol. I create visually captivating pieces with bold colors, dynamic compositions, and clean lines, often on large-scale canvases. Photography serves as the foundation for each piece, and I transform these images through digital manipulation and reinterpretation before bringing them to life with acrylic paints.

Mount Meru by Lucas Stoffel

Central to my artistic mission is the promotion of inclusivity and the breaking down of barriers between diverse belief systems. By translating the complexities of multiple religions into accessible, relatable representations, I encourage viewers to reconsider their perspectives on spirituality. In this way, I strive to bridge cultural and religious divides, fostering understanding and unity.

Various Exhibitons by Lucas Stoffel

My journey as an artist has led me to significant recognition, including the Starving Artist Award, and participation in the amFar Rocks Benefit for AIDS research, where my work was prominently featured. My art has been showcased at esteemed venues in New York City, including the Art Directors Club, The Prince George Gallery, GalleryBar, and New World Stages. Through my work, I hope to inspire beauty, unity, and a deeper recognition of the shared values that connect us all, regardless of our diverse beliefs.


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