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Inside Angkor Wat

March 2, 2018

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Should You Take A Balloon Ride In Myanmar?

March 2, 2018

I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures. A glorious sunrise over the plains of Bagan with balloons dotted over the horizon. You want to be the person in the balloon! And then you look up the price… shock and horror flood through your mind. You were promised a cheap holiday in South East Asia!


Ballooning was far and away the most expensive thing we did in our week in Myanmar. We took domestic flights and stayed in beautiful hotels. It definitely wasn’t a budget trip and the balloon flight was still 25% of our total trip cost.


Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!!

The Experience

Waiting to be picked up at 5.30am I was filled with anticipation and just a touch of anxiety. Was it going to live up to the expectations? Were we getting value for money? Was I going to regret the decision? Could I have had the same experience from the ground watching the sunrise? All these questions were quickly put to rest.


We arrived in the pitch black to little field with tables and chairs set up with tea, coffee and some pastries. As the sky started get the first hint of grey we enjoyed our breakie and waited for the remaining guests to arrive.


Occasionally a burst of flame would shoot up as the balloons were prepared for take off.

Once everyone had arrived it was time for the safety brief. The six balloon pilots were introduced and we were quickly sorted into our groups.