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I'm Lucas Stoffel, New York City-based Creative Director. My focus is on product design, business strategy, marketing and branding through the lens of systems thinking, and storytelling.


Short Story

After 20 years in the city, I've worked with a great number of wonderful people whom I admire. I have also had the privilege to work with some amazing clients such as: USTA, Coca-Cola, The Art Directors Club, Enfamil, Whole Foods, AstraZeneca, Flonase, Count It Labs, The Herman Miller Foundation, Humira, Matthew Christopher Couture, and New York Deaf Theatre, to name a few.




Net Generation is a celebration of a game where no one sits on the sidelines! 

Building a brand from the ground up is always fun, but I can't remember working with a team that was more imaginative. From building an illustration style to launching a national 360 degree campaign the production was always LOVE : LOVE.

Branding, Digital, Social, Broadcast & Print.


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Count.It connects with wearable tracking devices and apps to power community fitness challenges and reinvent workplace wellness.

Set goals that are achievable, but inspiring — for individuals, internal teams, or for the whole group. Watch your people rise to the occasion!

Branding, Digital Strategy & UI/UX

Sleeping Baby




Enfamil, the revolutionary baby formula with brain-building nutrition inspired by breast milk.

Our challenge? Communicate that Enfamil is the only brand with the brain-building ingredients MFGM & DHA, which are clinically shown to improve developmental milestones by the time babies turn one.

Key Visual Design, Infographics & In-Store.


What's Your Healthy?

Aetna's ‘What’s Your Healthy?’ was an opportunity to engage all consumers in a conversation around achieving their best health. Beyond simply creating a dialogue, we helped people take action through Aetna's CarePass App, which empowers users to create, track and achieve their health and wellness goals.

Strategy, Social & Digital.




In the spring we launched BeGreater24 and enlisted six professional photographers with life-long allergies to visualize daily life without symptoms, breathing clearly amidst pollen-filled hayfields, trails, tree blossoms, and dandelion patches. 

Our autumn allergy launch, Fall of Fame, was created to share photos and videos of you and your pet at your best—outside or inside fully enjoying what fall has to offer—could you be our grand prize winner?

Strategy, Social & Digital.


Full Spoon

Full Spoon™ is a food-focused workplace wellness program through Whole Foods Market® that cultivates practical habits through lifestyle education and healthy eating incentives. We help you build a happy, healthy workforce with custom, high-touch program design.

App Design, & Strategy

CND FNL LOGO-side-01.png

My Startup

Run On Sparkles

Taking a risk is always an adventure. Launching (and closing) my own fashion app was an experience no grad school could have taught me. But out of the rubble of my most epic fail came a tumbling beautiful mess of successful personal rewards. I ended up selling thousands of dollars worth of 'Glitter Poo Pills’ on Etsy, I learned how to code, I launched 5 games into the App Store (with almost 100,000 downloads), and kickstarted a wildly popular insta-worthy Unicorn Cookbook

Product Design, Marketing & Business Development.

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The Yale

Art Museum

We created a virtual exhibition giving the visitors to the museum a more in depth look at the cultural artifacts of the exhibition. ’East of the Wallace Line: Monumental Art from Indonesia and New Guinea' at the Yale University Art Gallery looked along this line, not at the natural world but at the region's art and culture, tracing stylistic echoes and aesthetic links.

Art Exhibit

The Art

Directors Club

After 6 years managing a global advertising awards show, I look back and realize that I could not have been more lucky (or grateful) to have worked with some of the most talented creative directors of our time. Sitting in a room discussing what makes award winning work with George Lois, John Jay, Michael Bierut, and Rob Riley was like getting a Masters Degree in Advertising & Design. 

I loved every moment of my time in those halls, and I became the youngest person ever to design an ADC Awards Annual. It was the honor of my life.

Creative Direction, Team Leadership & Production

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Chikless is the vegan challenge app where we all work together to curb our carbon footprint, by eating less meat and switching to more plant-based meals!


Together we are building a community that is focused on helping change the industry of factory farming. Committed to making a small change every day to help the environment.   


Set a routine to help you go full vegetarian or vegan over a period of time. (If that is your goal!)

App Design, Branding & Founder

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USTA Net Generation Branding
Branding: Soapbox USA
Easy to Bake Unicorn Cookbook
Book Design: ADC 89th Annual
Branding: Matthew Christopher
Branding: Count It Labs
Interactive: This Light Shines
Product Design / Branding : Cinderly
Branding: La NewYorkina
Branding: New York Deaf Theatre
iPhone Games
Branding: Hyper Island

"To understand the art of design is to understand how tmake the complicated, simple."



New York, NY

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